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Frequently asked

Planning to process more than 200 minutes of video or audio each month?

Upgrade to the BRAND plan first. Once you've subscribed, you'll be able upgrade to a higher processing tier in the "Plan & Billing" section of your account.


How do I calculate how much processing I need?

Minutes of video/audio are counted every time you or your respondents generate video/audio content on VideoAsk (playback is unlimited).


Can you show me an example?

In your first month, you create a 2-step videoask. Each step is 30s long (+1min).

You then go on to receive 50 video or voice answers of 30s for each step of the videoask (1min/respondent = +50min).

You'll also follow up with all those customers via video (using the reply feature) and receive replies from them too, processing around 2 min on avg per customer (+100).

Your total processing usage for the month will be: 151 minutes.


What happens if I go over my limit?

If you go over your limit, we will continue processing video/audio for you, however, you will be required to upgrade.

Your processing counter will reset each month according to your sign up or subscription date (unused minutes don't carry over to the next month).